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OpenEdu-JFunktion (version v 0.5 beta)
by residuen

Solving and painting simple mathematical equations

With this tool it will be able to write down simple equations like x^2 +2*x -2 or for example 1+sin(x)/x and so on. The solver builds the results between a given range and a given step-size. A double-array will be returned.
This Java-program uses GnuOctave to solve the results of the equations. JFreeChart ist the Java-API to plot the xy-charts.



Get an executeable jar (last update 11.06.2011): JFunktion.jar
(Tested with Skolelinux 5.0.6, Ubuntu-Linux 10.04 & Windows 7)

Mathematical operations

+, -, *, /, ^, (, )

Mathematical functions (still testing)

x, e^x & exp(x), log(x), sqrt(x), x^(1/3), x^2, sqrt(x), x^3, x^...
sin(x), asin(x), cos(x), acos(x), tan(x), atan(x)


Java Runtime - get it from Java™
JFreeChart - it's also implemented as jar (very good and fast charting API for Java)


GPL 3.0


residuen (


residuen (


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